Throwback Review – Invincible Iron Man #135




The Titanium Man attacks downtown New York City. Tony Stark dons the Iron Man armor and the two duke it out.

My Reaction(s)

I didn’t like comicbooks much when I read them as a child. I thought they were pretty boring compared to my NES. But one I did like a lot was Invincible Iron Man #135. It showed me the potential that comics had for dynamic, fast-paced action when done well.

Bob Layton and Jerry Bingham share art credit on this issue. The two made me believe a man could fly better than any Superman movie I saw. Almost every page showcases the fight and the two armored combatants soar through every panel.


It’s too bad that the Titanium Man himself is not interesting. He’s just a big green version of Iron Man with a Russian accent. In one page he monologues his backstory to Iron Man/the reader. It’s nothing to write home about but at least it’s short.

Favorite moment(s)

This is may be my favorite punch delivered in comics. It’s so simple and elegant and it has perfect timing.


The name of this massage parlor was one of those jokes that went over my head as kid. Now as an adult it’s hilarious. It’s like a sign you would see in the background of a Simpsons episode.


Not-so-favorite moment(s)

The only time the book slows down is when TM starts monologuing. I always skip this page when I reread it.


Final thought(s)

I’ll admit a lot of my enjoyment of this book is nostalgic. That said, it does have a few panels and scenes that I’ll never forget. It’s an expertly paced battle issue and each set piece is exciting and different.




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