Review – Moon Knight #4




Having escaped from the mental hospital via underground tunnels, Marc and his crew explore sand-stormed New York City.

My reaction(s)

There’s not a lot of dynamic action in this issue, mostly just people walking and talking. But it’s still a treat for the eyes. Smallwood’s layouts and acting are simple yet effective, somewhat reminiscent of a Kubrick film. But Bellaire’s colors give the story an incredible punch.

There’s a lot of white. Every character except for a beat cop wears white. Every single panel is separated by white. Whitespace is even used to create interesting page layouts. Like this upside-down pyramid shape for example.


But the most interesting parts of the coloring are the contrasts. Military greens for the night sky. Crimsons for the bathroom walls. Light yellows and browns for the sand and lit skyscraper windows. They all look so rich and complement the dreamlike atmosphere. It’s part Silent Hill part Pink Floyd part The Mummy.




Plot-wise Lemire chooses to whittle down Marc’s gang to just him and Marlene. It’s a bit disappointing because I liked how they contributed to the plot in previous issues. Since this issue is part 4 out of 5 in the story I’m waiting to see the ending before making final observations.

Favorite moment(s)

This is a position I thought I’d never see Konshu in.


Not-so-favorite moment(s)

I know he saved Gena’s life but she helped him escape from the mental hospital. Seems a bit presumptuous to insist she call her by a more formal name.


Final thought(s)

I look forward to reading this book more than any other on my pull list right now. There’s so much to like about it. The whole creative team has me on the edge of my seat.



Review – X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #5




The story flashes forward several years. Max is middle aged and Riches has taken over NYC Biff Tannen style. During a party at the Empire State Building, the two confront each other.

My reaction(s)

I enjoyed the conclusion of Max’s adventure quite a bit. It’s a tragic ending that feels appropriate yet satisfying. I can’t think of a better ending for him. It’s somewhat pathetic that he goes out taking down a low-rent character like Riches. But that suits the story just fine. When placed next to almost any X-Man Max becomes a pathetic character.


Also the book has a couple of good gags in the established tone of the previous 5 issues. Max is an outcast among outcasts but he’s also a white, straight, cis male. It’s played for comedy and executed well.



Favorite scene(s)

I have a pretty short experience reading X-Men comics, so I only recognize 1 of these characters. I think I have more fun imagining a die-hard X-Men fan’s reaction to this than coming up with my own opinion.


Not-so-favorite scene(s)

The reveal that Miranda has been the cause of the constant reboots in the Marvel universe. I don’t think it’s outright bad. It’s a clever use of an omnipotent character during a final issue of an elseworlds series. But it’s also a predictable one.


Final thought(s)

A great ending to the only X-Men book I’ve been reading since the relaunch. It’s sad that Bemis, Walsh, and Redmond’s book has to end here. But like Max, at least they went out with a bang.