Review – Paper Girls #7




I don’t know. Something about teenage girls traveling to the future to find someone named KJ. Also there’s a giant monsters.

My reaction(s)

One thing that I love in concept about serialized stories is jumping on in the middle. If done right I don’t need to understand everything the characters say to tell if it’s good or not. The premise might be enough to get me interested in learning more about the characters and the world. It can be better than starting at the beginning because I’m already sold on it and want to go back. If not done right it can be incomprehensible and frustrating.

This issue is the former. This is my first foray into Paper Girls and while it was confusing I loved it. I can’t tell what the plot is yet but the characters and the artwork are more than enough to carry it.

I have no idea what these people are talking about.

What got me to pick it up in the shop was the lettering and the coloring. The contrast between the borderless balloons and the color palette is great. Combined with the fast-paced dialog and the result is beautiful streamlined book.

And while there’s a lot of just people talking to each other that’s not all it is. The giant monsters and different uses of perspective keep it varied and fresh.




Favorite moment(s)

The scene where Ms. Tieng hugs her younger self is fantastic. The older character isn’t too proud about her current situation. But the younger character thinks she’s awesome in several detailed ways. It’s a great time-travel take on the beauty is in the eye of the beholder lesson.

Also the scene has 3 beats of hilarious comic timing. The younger character getting hugged mid sentence.


The juxtaposition of the deadpan and loving expressions.


And the awkward internalization of what it all means afterward.


Not-so-favorite moment(s)

There’s literally nothing I didn’t like about this issue.

Final thought(s)

A compelling world, well-defined characters and gorgeous artwork make this an excellent issue of a comicbook. Even if I have no idea what’s happening in it.