Review – The Mighty Thor (volume 3) #8

Published JuneĀ 2016




Jane Foster gets taken in for questioning by agents of Shield. Dario Agger gets attacked during a meeting with a group of industrialist villains.

My reaction(s)

  • There’s a scene that hints at a possible romantic interest between Jane & Roz Solomon. Making Roz bi-sexual is a cool idea. It’s been awhile since I’ve read issues with Roz as a central character. I only remember her as a 2nd romantic interest for The Odinson who’s also an environmentalist. An Odinnson/Jane/Roz love triangle would add a new dimension to her. But maybe I’m reading too much into it.



  • During the villain’s meeting we get Dauterman’s take on Silver Samurai Jr. I love everything about it. I love how he destroys Dario’s empire 3 different ways in 2 minutes. I love his transformation sequence with his cell phone. I love the design of the armor. I even love his green suit. I hope to see more of Shingen Harada.



Favorite scene(s)

  • Jane’s entrance to the villain’s meeting. This feels like it would work for any version of Thor. Also Roz’s reaction is adorable.


  • I’m a sucker for creative uses with lettering.


Not-so-favorite scene(s)

  • I don’t understand how Oubliette Midas is able to clear a room of armed guards when she has her back turned to them. I guess she’s just that good a shot? I wouldn’t buy this page if it had replaced her with Hawkeye. It’s a dynamic page in some ways but a little unclear in others.


Final thought(s)

This issue is excellent. I was excited to read it but I’m even more excited for the next issue. The whole creative team is firing on all cylinders.