Review – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4




The Power Rangers battle Scorpina as she attacks San Francisco with the Dragonzord.

My reaction(s)

I loved the original show when I was a kid. But I’ve tried to get into it a couple of times as an adult and haven’t been able to make it through a whole episode. The main reason is that the show plays to young children to a big extent. I feel like I’ll be able to appreciate & enjoy it at another time in my life, but not yet. I went through a similar journey with the show Sailor Moon.

The comic does not play to children in the way the show does. So I’ve been a regular reader since issue #1 & even picked up the recent Power Rangers Pink #1.

The MVP of MMPR #4 is Hendry Prasetya. This is the first big battle issue in the series and he pulls out all the stops. 15 of the 20 pages showcase an action scene or a new monster design. And each of them are fantastic. I’m not going to post the whole issue but here’s a small sample.



The remaining 5 pages have 2 story beats. The first is Tommy conquering the visions of Rita he’s been having since the start of the series. It’s a nice payoff & leads into the 2nd story beat.


Which is Jason & Zack arguing with Tommy because he disregarded Jason’s order to stay out of the big battle. This infighting doesn’t feel earned to me. Perhaps Tommy was wrong to join the battle but Jason & Zack’s reactions are way over the top. I don’t get why they would come close to blows over it especially when the battle ended so well for The Rangers.

Tommy has had the most character development in the series by mile. So far he’s the main character. I need more characterization for Jason & Zack before this kind of infighting can be palatable. Right now they just come across as jerks.


Favorite scene(s)

I love this transformation sequence. It’s simple, full of color & gets you pumped to read the battle with the Dragonzord. Perhaps these will get stale in future. But for now I look forward to the transformations as much as anything else in an issue.


Not-so-favorite scene(s)

The main story consists of 20 pages. 2 more pages are devoted to a backup strip, The Ongoing Adventures of Bulk & Skull. I don’t dislike Bulk & Skull as characters but I don’t care for the backup strip. Especially when most mainstream comics are 22 pages long. I would much rather have 2 more pages drawn by Prasetya.


Final thought(s)

The first big battle issue of MMPR is exceptional. Prasetya kills it with well-paced, dynamic action and awesome monster designs.