Review – X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #5




The story flashes forward several years. Max is middle aged and Riches has taken over NYC Biff Tannen style. During a party at the Empire State Building, the two confront each other.

My reaction(s)

I enjoyed the conclusion of Max’s adventure quite a bit. It’s a tragic ending that feels appropriate yet satisfying. I can’t think of a better ending for him. It’s somewhat pathetic that he goes out taking down a low-rent character like Riches. But that suits the story just fine. When placed next to almost any X-Man Max becomes a pathetic character.


Also the book has a couple of good gags in the established tone of the previous 5 issues. Max is an outcast among outcasts but he’s also a white, straight, cis male. It’s played for comedy and executed well.



Favorite scene(s)

I have a pretty short experience reading X-Men comics, so I only recognize 1 of these characters. I think I have more fun imagining a die-hard X-Men fan’s reaction to this than coming up with my own opinion.


Not-so-favorite scene(s)

The reveal that Miranda has been the cause of the constant reboots in the Marvel universe. I don’t think it’s outright bad. It’s a clever use of an omnipotent character during a final issue of an elseworlds series. But it’s also a predictable one.


Final thought(s)

A great ending to the only X-Men book I’ve been reading since the relaunch. It’s sad that Bemis, Walsh, and Redmond’s book has to end here. But like Max, at least they went out with a bang.