Throwback Review – JLA Year One #2


Published February 1998




The League holds their first press conference. It gets interrupted by a team of villains sent by Vandal Savage. The League battles Solomon Grundy, Eclipso, Clayface, and Thorn.


My reaction(s)

  • We get reactions to the new JLA from a lot of DC characters. Metamorpho, Batman, The Blackhawks, even the Challengers of the Unknown and more. Good stuff.
  • There’s a scene that shows how the group gets named the Justice League of America. It’s kind of meh.
  • I don’t have a strong favorite member of the team yet, but I don’t any hate of them.
  • My introduction to Eclipso & Thorn. Thorn seems to be little more than a Poison Ivy knock-off. But Eclipso seems interesting. Hope I see more of him.

Favorite scene(s)

  • Solid costume gag. Also, where’s Barry looking in the first panel?


  • I don’t think fap ment the same thing in February of 1998 as it does today.


Not-so-favorite scene(s)

  • Green Arrow’s a creep.


  • I don’t buy this take on Batman. Would he be this hostile to a new JSA-esque team? I haven’t read many Batman stories set during that time so perhaps I’m wrong. But for now this seems out of character.


Final thought(s)

A solid issue. All the main characters get their chance to shine. There are lots of moments with interesting characters familiar & obscure. And it ends on Ted Kord possibly getting involved. What more could you ask for?