Review – Black Panther #3




Ayo and Aneka arrive at a Wakandan city and find it ransacked. T’challa tracks down Zenzi and confronts her and Tetu. In The Djalia Shuri speaks with a mysterious woman.

My Reaction(s)

My main problem with the story so far is that the plot threads are not tying together well. So far in the series there are four main plot threads:

  • Ayo and Aneka gather followers to defend Wakanda in Black Panther’s absence.
  • Tetu and Zenzi gather followers to take down the current regime.
  • Black Panther tracks down Zenzi for instilling the riot at the vibranium mine.
  • Shuri discovering the mysteries of The Djalia.


On their own they are all interesting stories. But it’s frustrating because too much of each doesn’t involve the other characters. At the start we get a 4 page display of Tetu’s powers. Then there’s a scene where T’challa speaks with his mother and prepares for battle. Then Ayo and Aneka discover the ruined city. Then Shuri speaks with the woman in The Djalia. 10 pages in and none of the main characters have interacted with each other.

Once that’s done there’s a great scene where T’challa confronts Tetu and Zenzi. Here the issue starts to come together and reach it’s potential.


Favorite moment(s)

The reveal of T’challa’s War Dogs is pretty great. I like their design a lot. And Black Panther stands out even more than usual when fighting alongside them. Shame we don’t get much of them in the book.


Black Panther picks a baddie off the ground by the head and smacks another with him. Awesome.


Not-so-favorite moment(s)

The cover is everything I find frustrating about the issue. T’challa doesn’t confront Ayo and Aneka and it would be so much better if he did. At least it looks gorgeous just like everything else.


Final thought(s)

I don’t want to sound too negative. Stelfreeze’s art is beautiful and Coates’ dialog is crisp and punchy. The book is close to achieving greatness. The parts just need to gel together a little more.



Review – The Mighty Thor (volume 3) #8

Published June 2016




Jane Foster gets taken in for questioning by agents of Shield. Dario Agger gets attacked during a meeting with a group of industrialist villains.

My reaction(s)

  • There’s a scene that hints at a possible romantic interest between Jane & Roz Solomon. Making Roz bi-sexual is a cool idea. It’s been awhile since I’ve read issues with Roz as a central character. I only remember her as a 2nd romantic interest for The Odinson who’s also an environmentalist. An Odinnson/Jane/Roz love triangle would add a new dimension to her. But maybe I’m reading too much into it.



  • During the villain’s meeting we get Dauterman’s take on Silver Samurai Jr. I love everything about it. I love how he destroys Dario’s empire 3 different ways in 2 minutes. I love his transformation sequence with his cell phone. I love the design of the armor. I even love his green suit. I hope to see more of Shingen Harada.



Favorite scene(s)

  • Jane’s entrance to the villain’s meeting. This feels like it would work for any version of Thor. Also Roz’s reaction is adorable.


  • I’m a sucker for creative uses with lettering.


Not-so-favorite scene(s)

  • I don’t understand how Oubliette Midas is able to clear a room of armed guards when she has her back turned to them. I guess she’s just that good a shot? I wouldn’t buy this page if it had replaced her with Hawkeye. It’s a dynamic page in some ways but a little unclear in others.


Final thought(s)

This issue is excellent. I was excited to read it but I’m even more excited for the next issue. The whole creative team is firing on all cylinders.